What we do

Rededge delivers advanced services, according to proven methodology, to customers that has chosen to implement Oracle Apps. We are passionate to support our customers to improve, enable and automate existing or new business processes with Oracle Apps. Rededge combines deep system knowledge, business process knowhow and long experience of system implementation from a number of industries. A combination that gives result.

How we do it

Rededges philosophy is based on 3 foundations. Knowledge, experience and result. We only implement Oracle Apps and all training is focusing on developing our consultants knowledge around Oracle Apps. Our experience comes from more than 20 years of implementing Oracle Apps at some of Swedens and Europes most successful companies. We deliver result through our ability to understand business processes and how to configure the standard system to support those processes in an optimal way.

Who we are

Rededge is a small consultant company with highly skilled and engaged people from around the world. We share experience and knowledge inside our company to maximize customer benefit and development of our consultants.
Rededges approach focuses on simplicity and usability and we always try to live as we learn

What makes us special

Minimize risk

Our broad and long experience enables us to quickly understand your project objective and propose solutions and approaches to i mplement those.
The solutions we work with normally include both Oracle Apps and existing legacy applications.


We believe in maximizing the usage of Oracle Apps capabilities. Our system knowledge secures that all existing possibilities in the systems are taken into account. All to avoid unnecessary and costly customizations. The usage of standard functionality is also a prerequisite for quick and cost efficient projects, stable operations and enables cloud solutions.


We are proud that our customers returns to us. We think it depends on more than our competence. Just as our customers we work hard to deliver at or over our customers expectations.

Oracle Apps Knowledge

Oracle NetSuite

A cloud native ERP for the small and medium sized business. Developed in the cloud for operating in a true cloud environment. Rededge perform implementations within Financials, Procurement, Supply Chain, Projects and Master Data.

Oracle Fusion Cloud 

Oracles cloudbased Enterprise apps . Based on open standards and latest technology. A system for the future. Rededge is certified and has implementation knowledge of Financials, Procurement, Supply Chain, Projects, HR and Master Data.

Oracle Retail

Oracles system for retail customers. Complete and stable system with many customers. Supports Planning, Merchandise Management, Replenishment and Stores. Oracle has also introduced omnichannel capabilities in later releases. Rededge is certified since 2012.

Oracle EBS

Oracles first ERP/CRM system. Stable, complete and with thousands of customers live around the world. rededge is certified since 1997 and has performed a number of implementations of all areas: Finaniclais, Supply Chain Planning, Planning, Manufacturing, HR and CRM.


Oracles prebuilt BI system for applications. Built on Oracles proven BI technology. Includes loadingscripts for all applications, reporting tools and pre definied KPIs.


During the years we have of course learned a lot of other things that we offer our customers. GS1, EDIFACT, Advanced Conversion, Test and Test management including most tools on the market, Configuration Management, Training and Project Management. Contact us for more information.



We are always interersted to come in contact with professional and motivated people that share our passion for Oracle Apps. As a consultant at Rededge your work with everything from business application strategy and architecture to implemention of the system. Since we have some of the most experienced consultants and fantastic customers we can promise you unique possibilites and very interesting working days.

If you think you make a difference pls mail us at jobb@rededge.se or phone Stefan Possnert at +46 72-2331110